Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Break

Over break, some of our Aggies hung out with the family at home, while others had some traveling adventures. Jaymee Dyches and Kelsey Sax share what they did over break!

"What I DIDN'T Do!" by Jamee Dyches
It wasn't really WHAT I did over the vacation, but rather what I did NOT do! I did NOT get up early, I did NOT exercise my brain (other than some relaxing novel reading) and I did NOT do any dishes. Instead I ate way too much food, hung out with le boyfriend, and spent time re-getting to know my siblings since I am usually far away, and children grow at an alarming rate. Christmas was good to me, and I also spent time getting to know my new Nikon D40.

Roadtrip with Unexpected Twists by Kelsey Sax
Well not much happened over my break. I saw old friends and relaxed with family. I enjoyed homecooked meals and going out to the movies and lunch or dinner with friends. My life was not very exciting at all. I am however doing one 'exciting' thing. This thursday my friend (goes to Utah State as well) and I will be doing a roadtrip from North Carolina to Logan for school so I can have my car. I am sure it will be a lot of fun doing a cross country roadtrip across the country with one of my best friends....
So the trip was more difficult than I thought it would be. We traveled through the worst storm that the east coast has seen in over a decade. It was below freezing. The moisture from our breath was freezing on the inside of the car. My windshield fluid froze and so we couldn't see out of my car and had to stop in Indiana which put us two hundred miles behind schedule. My windshield wipers were worn out and not really working so we replaced those the next day. We almost hit a deer and while driving through the mountains on I-80 we lost traction and almost began to drift but we later regained control and later we learned that my back tires were completely bald, But we made it here safely in logan around one today ((Sunday).

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