Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time for WAC

It has come to that time of the year! WAC play is here. The team is revving up for conference play.  The Aggie's start conference on the road this week, traveling to New Mexico State and Denver.  The team is re-grouping this week for a strong start in conference. 

The girls would also like to thank all those who helped us with our new bleachers.  They have been such a great addition to Chuck and Gloria Bell field. Thank YOU!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Aggies Earn Way into History Books

Utah State soccer battled its way into the history books, earning its first tie against a ranked opponent with a 1-1 double overtime draw against No. 23 Washington Thursday at Chuck and Gloria Bell Soccer Field.  The Aggies are now 5-1-3 this season, earning a tie for the second straight match after tying Portland State 0-0 last week.

Coach Cairns challenged the girls this week. "I challenged the team this week and asked them who is going to step up and who is going to make a difference. We had a handful, tons of kids. I could praise every single player that stepped on the field and that is what it is going to take to win a Western Athletic Conference championship, and I feel like we've made great strides," USU head coach Heather Cairns said.

Congratulations girls! Now lets go get them Cougs!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Freshman's First Day

Aggies have been so hard at work on the soccer field this past weekend! We came back from Portland with a win against Eastern Washington and a tie against Portland State. The Ags improve to  5-1-1. Good job ladies!

We mentioned before, that we would post some thoughts from the freshman about their first day of class.  Let's be honest, we have all been there before! Being the new fresh meat to a school. It is an experience in itself.

 My first day of school was pretty dang scary. I went an hour early because I was scared I wouldn't find my classes. I was thirty minutes early to class... I am definitely not used to huge classes and the teachers not knowing me. I am used to knowing everyone's life story and being best friends with my teachers. But, it turned out to be really great. Interior design is really interesting and it's nice to meet new people everyday! I am getting the hang of it and am starting to love it! - Jamie Duke

 My first day of college was literally great! You could say I was pretty scared and didn't really know how to use the shuttle system, or know where any of my classes were, but I figured it out by the end of the day. I feel like a big girl doing things on my own, but I still sent my mother i picture of my first-day-of-school outfit! I'm pretty sure she cried. -Kaitlyn Wilcox

Well my first day of school was actually rather fun! However, me and maris woke up late, literally rolled out of bed and left our room. Except there was a slight problem we hadn't thought of, and that was we didn't know how to use the shuttle system. we immediately called Nano for some assistance. But by the time we figured it out we were way late to class. Yes, our first day of class we were twenty minutes late! But after that little incident we didn't have to much of a problem finding our classes. But, school was fun I had a lot of homies in my classes, and they were passing out free ice cream! And you can bet I took them up on that offer, especially cause I didn't have time for break feast! well any who, my first day of school was quite confusing, yet thrilling all at the same time!  -Lexie Henrie

Basically me and lexie rolled out of bed and went to our 830 class wearing what we slept in. We missed like 3 shuttles because we weren't sure which one it was. I wasn't very nervous for the day and it wasn't very long but ya! -Maris Hamblin

My first day of college was much better than I thought it would be. I was terrified the night before that I wouldn’t be able to make it on time to my second class, or that I would walk into the wrong class. Every bad thing that could possibly happen went through my head that night. Once I got to school though it wasn’t bad at all. All my nerves went away and it just seemed like it was normal. Luckily I didn’t get lost and I took the correct shuttle. College is a lot different than high school, that’s for sure. My classes are pretty big so it is weird that I am not able to see all my friends that are in my same class. So far I like college a lot! -Natalie Stoven

My first day was pretty good, I would say. (although I still can't really comprehend that I am now in college). But I wasn't really that nervous or excited, just sort of there ha ha I did meet some new people but most of them were friends of friends and not just random people.  -Sam Curtis

My first day of school was a blur.  My thoughts were scattered as I walked through campus as a new college student.  However, my mind was dominated at times with fear of getting terribly lost.  Every face was a new face to me, but I knew that this was true for many others around me.  Overall,   
 the first day was a success.  I managed to make it through the day with handy dandy USU iphone app (which without it I would have been doomed) and I managed to meet some new people.  I think that's all a wee freshman like myself can ask for.  -Dani Gaztambide

 I wasn't really nervous for the first day of school, I was kind of excited! I walked into my first class and saw a couple people I knew so I sat by them, then met new people in my other classes. Walking around campus I ran into a bunch of people I know and some of the girls from the team. I found all my classes just fine and it was a great first day!  -Sara Lorscheider

The day began early for me. While many other new college students had the extreme luxury of sleeping in till a semi-decent hour, my day began at the crack of dawn...well more like 6:30 A.M., but still. I didn't mind though. The breeze as I biked to school was nice on my freshly sun-burnt face. I was feeling good and ready for the day. I could take on anything! Go on give me something! I'll do it! You want me to dance with a King Cobra? Where's the music, huh? Oh what else do want me to do? You want me to take the One Ring to Mordor? Give me some Mithril and...No wait! I'll go without it! 

That's how ready. 
I spent time the night before mapping out where I needed to be, and by when. English 1010. This building. This time. Managing family and business. This building blah blah...etc etc.  Everything that I needed was in the palm of my hand. Or I guess it was zipped up in my backpack, but it could have just as easily been in the palm of my hand. My warm, sweaty hand. (boys wanna hold it all day long. Word) So I biked around a bit till I found the right building. I was far too prideful to actually pull out the map I studied to find the location of the building. I didn't want it to be too obvious I was a freshman. I had to give myself some sort of a chance to get people to talk to me. 
Feeling like an absolute college kid, I locked up my bike and (I may or may not have) strutted into the building. Then all the sudden...
*Epiphany*(in Jeannie's mind) "I don't know what room my class is in. Shoot. Shoot. Okay. You're fine Jeannie. Not a problem. Just act like you know what you're doing! Confidence. Confidence is key. Hey look! He looks like a person that would be going to an English class....Ima just follow him real quick."
So I stalked this boy. Straight up stalked. But not scary stalking. So not too close on his heals where it would be obvious that I was watching his every movement, but not far enough away that if he sneezed I wouldn't be able to jump in with a creepy bless you. We walked into a classroom about fifteen minutes before class was suppose to start. I was being a good kid! Being early and what not. Ya know. Maybe I'd make some friends er something. Flirt with a cute boy. Hold hands with him if the time was right. Lock lips. Heck, maybe even get married. Who knows! I'm just saying, a lot can happen in a quarter of an hour. Then the teacher came in and began handing out papers. The whole while I just kept thinking, 
"This might not even be my class. What if it's not? I'll be in here and my actual class will be going crazy with worriment! They'll be all, 'where Jeannie at?' Then rumors will come into play, and they'll be something along the lines of "Oh Jeannie, I heard she really believed Hogwarts was a place and so she refused to go to any school that wasn't Hogwarts." "No way! I heard she refused to shave her legs so the soccer team killed her. They just up and killed her. Cold blood. There is an investigation going on right now."
Oh shoot. Now maybe I'm the one making up rumors. ANYWAYS.
I finally asked the teacher if I was on the roll. Turns out I wasn't, and I ended up being that awkward kid who gets up in the middle of class with everything in their hands, and just kind of scurries out of the room. Yup. That was me. First day. First class. First real college experience. 
Other than that though. My first day was full of happiness and memories. Full of stories that I can tell my children that will then tell their children and they will tell theirs, and so on and so forth, forever and ever! I also didn't have any homework my first day. Fantastic! However, now I do. Now I have lots. 
The name's Jeannie. And I am a Utah State Aggie. Cheers! 
P.S. Hogwarts IS real. I just know it.