Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring 2010 Video!

Here it is! Now you can see what the Aggies were up to this Spring (mainly off the field) was a great spring where the girls not only made headway with their soccer skills, but with the girls continuing the strengthen their team chemistry! :) Enjoy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer is in the Air....

Summer is here! Some of our girls are headed home, others off on exotic trips, some are sticking around's what some of our Aggies will be up to this summer!

Molli Merrill: "I am just planning on living in bountiful and working at scoreboard sports...and gettin my tan on."

Natalie Norris: "I decided to stay up in Logan for the summer with the rest of the cool kids who are staying up here too :) I'm planning on taking Human Physiology with a few other girls on the team, which includes a four hour lecture each week, disgusting I know, but hopefully we can survive. I also just got a job at the Children's Place with a Lo, HP, and Sammie which will be fun to work with them. We'll all be working out hard with Matt all summer long, so that'll be grueling, but definitely good. At the end of May I'm going back to my club team, Sparta, to play our last state cup together, which I will only be able to do half of due to my brother's graduation from the Air Force Academy. Other than that, I plan on working on getting rid of my fabulous soccer tan and having fun!"

Kelsey Sax: "I plan on continuing my work at Chickfila and perhaps taking up a second job. I will also be playing on the U19 CASL soccer team this summer. I will driving home (yes another cross country roadtrip) and then getting scuba qual'ed. I will then be going with my entire family (including myolder brother who has been on an LDS mission for two years) to the Caymun Islands where we will be staying at a house right on the beach. Literally right on the beach, the back yard is the beach and we will be scuba diving for an entire week. These are all my plans so far. Can't wait!"

Summer Tillotson: "I am spending a month in tanzania doing humanitarian work in orphanges and medical centers. I also plan on spending some time at my ranch in montana."

Lauren Hansen: "My plans are that I am going to go home for about 2 weeks to good ol' WA, they stay up here in Logan to partttyy it up :) haha just kiddin. Gonna soak up the sun and have a FUN time in Logan and work out hard. Have a fun time."