Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WAC Tourney--The Players' Perspective!

Senior Heather Pond: They tourney was different this year. Its pretty hard to explain. Because it was my last year I didn't exactly know how to feel. The flight was awesome, a great way to go out. Soccer has been way fun the last couple years!!!

Junior Chandra Salmon: The flight was awesome! It took my parents an entire day to get home (to SLC) and we left after dinner and made it home (Logan) in time for 4th meal. The tournament game was a bust. I hate losing... but the trip was still fun. :)

Freshman Mari Miyashiro: My first trip to the WAC tournament wasn't as successful as I hoped it would be. But on the plus side, we didn't have to take 3 different planes just to get to Louisiana. Our own personal plane that flew directly out of Logan was definitely the highlight of the trip. The game didn't end up in our favor, but I think we played a heck of a game. If only we came out hard and strong like we did in the second half, it could have been a whole different game. In the end, it was a great experience and I can't wait to do it all over again next year!

Junior Marissa Sanchez: Being chartered to Louisiana was obviously a big highlight of the tournament, I felt like an extra special person, especially after hearing that David Beckham, Katie Perry, and Rhianna had all been on that plane previously! The flight attendant was such a sweetheart and on the way back she got us all chocolate. We even got to take pictures up in the pilot seats, felt a little closterphobic though, much smaller up there than I imagined it. The awesome part about the banquet was having so many of our teammates get awards.

Freshman Chelsie Sperry: The weekend in Louisiana was a blast! It was fun to experience the WAC tournament for the first time and travel with the team. The banquet was also fun to go to and the highlight of the weekend was probably taking a team picture with the trophy we brought home! It was way nice traveling on a charter flight as well and spending time with the best girls ever! I love our team :)

Junior Molli Merrill: All i have to say is the charter plane was amazing... now i know what it's like to be a football player

Freshman Hailey Anderson: The charter flight was amazing! Just the fact that David Beckham was in the plane made it that much better. The banquet was interesting, our team was was cheering during the slideshow of all the teams. We just have such great spirit (: and the gave us the dessert at the beginning of the meal which is genius. Plus they were brownies, so that was a bonus. We played so good the second half. We really gave it our all and played to the very end. It's sad we couldn't pull it off :(

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Senior Weekend

It has been a busy two weeks for the Aggies! We honored our seniors last weekend with a luncheon and before our game on Sunday, played our game against Hawaii, then left Wednesday morning for the WAC Tournament in Ruston, Louisiana (flew a chartered flight right out of Logan....post coming in a couple days!).

Each year, the team holds a special luncheon just for the seniors where Coach Cairns gives a little background on their history at USU as well as some fun stories about each senior. The girls love dressing up and taking pictures with the seniors, and the luncheon ended with a highlight video, highlighting each senior's career at USU, and last words from each class to the seniors, and this year the seniors started a new tradition of last words from the seniors to each class!

On Sunday, the team played Hawaii...going into this game in 4th place in the standings. Anything could happen, and 2nd place was where we knew we could end up if we won, however, if other pieces fell into place, we also knew there was a possibility of finishing in 1st. ALL those other pieces fell into place combined with our win, we now share the WAC title with San Jose State! Another exciting piece of news was Lauren Hansen breaking two school records on Sunday (career points and career goals) with her hat trick in the first half, and assisting junior Shantel Flanary's goal in the second half!

The Aggies fell to Fresno State 1-0 in the semi-finals of the WAC tournament, finishing their season with a record of 9-7-5. It is also noteworthy to point out that in Utah State's last six years in the WAC, they have finished 2nd three times, and first twice...not a bad legacy being built by Coach Cairns, her staff, and the players! Pictures and players' reflections of the few days in Ruston at the WAC tourney to come soon!

Senior Weekend Pictures!