Friday, January 21, 2011

WAC Champs Recognition

Last night, the team was recognized at the men's basketball for winning the WAC! Thanks to all our fans for their support this season! We hope to bring you many more successful seasons in the years to come!

Tearing Out the Old....Rolling In the New!

The old turf in the Utah State Jim and Carol Laub indoor facility has been torn up, and the GOOD stuff is being laid out! Here are some pictures of the process. ALL teams who access the Laub are extremely excited to have the new turf being put in!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Best of 2010

Hello Aggie Fans!
It has been awhile since there has been a post because I (the blog author) have been on the road for ONE month! Now that the blog is up and running again regularly, here's a little trip down memory lane of favorite soccer memories from 2010 from a few of the girls and Coach Cairns:

2010 Memories for the Team:

*Winning the WAC
*the charter flight to Louisiana to the WAC tournament
*Lo breaking two school records against Hawaii
*Nano's three header goals vs. UVU
*Beating Weber State at our home away from home (Rio Tinto Stadium!)
*Lo's winning goal vs. BYU in the spring indoor game
*Goalkeeper Molli Merrill playing forward in Arizona in a spring game!

Some "Off the Field" Memories from the Girls...

Julia Flores: "When we were trying to get Lo over the wall at the ropes course and Shio gave her a wedgie."

Lauren Hansen: "My favorite soccer game memory was Senior Day. Everything went perfect for me that day and having my family there was just amazing! A memory I will never ever forget. My favorite non game memory was during pre-season when we were running 120's on the football field at like 11 at night. And we had just ate Bajio for dinner right before. And me and Shio were running right by each other and burping up our Bajio the whole time. And laughing/crying while we were running the 120's cause we literally thought we were gonna die ha ha. We both collapsed when we were done. SO FUNNY!!"

Summer Tillotson: "When I made Coach believe that Spanish is the official language of San Jose."

Jamee Dyches: "When we got yelled at by the lady from her back window when we were juggling at the park on a court (at 8:30am on a Saturday morning)! I think it was in Cali somewhere but I'm not 100% sure."--it was in Santa Ana :)

Ellen Larsen: "2010 was a year FULL of soccer memories. One of my favorites was at the end of preseason this fall. It was the day before our first game, the weather was bad so we were just doing an easy walk through in the Laub. Well Chandra and I decided we wanted to pull a little prank. So we got coach in on it & told her that Chandra was going to "accidentally" wear the wrong color of practice shirt - which is never good. After warm-up Chandra threw her jacket off like she had no idea that she was wearing blue instead of gray. Automatically coach pointed out her mistake and told us all to get on the line right away! (That's just about the worst phrase a coach can ever say) From that point I joined in on my part and just started getting mad at Chandra, full on lecture about how she was being so irresponsible, that she should have seen that I was wearing a different color when we left our house, and most of all that this was ridiculous because she is a JUNIOR....i was such a jerk that Molli was more upset at me than at Chandra!! We all made our way to the line (while me "lecture" continued) and coach was going to make Chandra sit and watch the rest of us run as her punishment. Coach was explaining the running we would have to do - and everyone's jaw dropped because it would have been almost impossible running, SO hard! Right then Lo asked "well how many are we doing?" (never a good question) and all coach said was "I don't know Lo, I don't know" (NEVER a good response!)
But lucky for us right before coach would have started the running she asked Chandra if she was sure she didn't have the right color....which she then revealed that she had it on underneath!!! Everyone freaked out, it was great. People were relieved that my being so rude to Chandra (my best friend on the team) was all an act and ESPECIALLY that we didn't have to run!! I love my aggies!!"

Natalie Norris: "One of my favorite memories was the national park we went to in Louisiana for a run, it was gorgeous and so peaceful, I love it!!"

Alyssa Curtis: "My favorite memory was Marla trying to reverse the car for half a mile so we could see the Armadillo in Louisiana."

Coach Cairns: Making a guest appearance in the Bear Lake retreat skit as myself; Eating at the Hawaiian restaurant in SJSU and Mari having to tutor me on the menu (poke); The overtime win against Cal Poly; Winning another WAC regular season championship!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Salmon Earns Spot and Regional and National Scholar All-American teams!

Congratulations to Chandra Salmon. She was named to the Regional Scholar-Athletie All-America Team and has earned a spot on the National Scholar All-America Team! Chandra, aka "Fish," is the first Women's soccer player at Utah State to earn this honor. She is one of 35 players from all the Division I college soccer programs around the country to earn this honor!