Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Our Rookies Think of USU So Far!!

Moving to a new place....always exciting, scary, new experiences, etc...here's what some of our rookies have to say.

Jennifer Flynn: The biggest adjustment so far from high school to college is finding my own food to eat. I can never remember what I used to eat when I lived at home.

Mari Miyashiro: My biggest challenge so far has been adjusting to everything in Utah (people, food, language, etc). Coming from another state is hard especially when it comes to making friends. If it wasn't for soccer, I wouldn't have any friends. I also have to get use to the type of food that is here. A lot of the fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendys, etc.) are the same but Utah definitely has more mexican food then Hawaii does. My parents still send up food from home :)

Chelsie Sperry: One of the best parts of being up here in Logan and going to college is just living on your own with a bunch of your friends and socializing. It's been way fun to meet so many new people and be able to have the chance to get to know a lot of the other student athletes during connections. My favorite thing my friends and I have done so far is swing dancing on Wed. nights. It's so much fun to go meet new people and just be in a great environment and dance to sweet country music!

Libby Lundquist: I have met so many new people and there is always something fun going on. Moving out and experiencing college life has been awesome and I love it. It is so fun to just be with everyone on the team. We have been through everything together so we have gotten to know each other so well and we can just joke and laugh about everything. Traveling has been really fun with everyone.

Kendra Pemberton: biggest challenge so far has been having any energy to do anything besides soccer and school; Biggest Adjustment so far from high school to college with School: Actually having to read the textbook and study. with Soccer: The time it takes up during the day and how tired it makes you. The best part of USU: The people. Everyone is really friendly and easy going.

Taryn Rose: The best part about USU and the soccer team is the girls. I instently fell in love with them they have made the transition so easy and i feel like i can go up to anyone . Especially with me being hurt its easy to feel left out but not with this team. We all come from being the best and the competition is hard but you have to love it. You cant go a day with out laughing.

Alison Williams: I expected it to be much colder when i got here. I arrived July 24th and was waring a sweater and jeans, and was really shocked about how hot it was. The best part of USU so far is having so many people to cook for all the time.

Katie Crosland: The best part of USU so far has been the team! It really is such a unique group of girls. Everyone really does have other's best interest in mind. The funnest thing I have done with my teammates is "geocaching".

Alyssa Curtis: Best thing about USU so far have been the campfires, bike rides, climbing, etc. up the canyon, biggest challenge has been being away from family and friends.

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