Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 New Aggies: Kylie Dibb and Brooke Larsen

Here are two of the six 2011 Aggies who will be joining USU Soccer in 2011! Posts on the other four are coming soon....

2011 New Aggie: Kylie Dibb
Hometown: American Fork, Utah
High School: American Fork High School
Position: Midfielder
Some Cool Facts About Kylie: Kylie enjoys photography, watching movies, playing the wii, fishing, boating (tubing), people watching, hanging out with friends
Favorite Teams: Arsenal, Colts, Yankees
Favorite Foods: Steak and Chocolate milk

2011 New Aggie: Brooke Larsen

Hometown: Springville, Utah
High School: Springville HS
Position: Defender
Some cool facts about Brooke: Brooke ran track at Springville and her 4X400 team holds the current school record and she plays the piano
Favorite Team: FC Barcelona (and she got to visit the stadium in Barcelona!)
Favorite Athletes: Messi and Torres
Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds and House

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