Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ATTENTION ALUMNI: Alumni Search Underway!!!!

Hello Alumni!
As we gear up for Alumni Day next week, we are missing information on several alumni and we need your help in contacting them! Below is a list of USU Soccer Alumni whom we have no contact info for. If you are still in touch with any of these members of our soccer family, please let them know about the Alumni event and please let Marla Nelson know their emails so I can contact them as well (if you don't feel comfortable passing on their email, when you contact them, just ask them to email Marla at m.l.nelson@aggiemail.usu.edu). If any of you find your name on this list, it is most likely because your maiden name is listed, not your married name. Please let me know that as well so we can update our records. Thanks so much!

Missing Alumni:

Heather Brown
Cami Cosgrave
Val Krogh
Chrissie Perrow
Julie Poprich
Stacie Vogt
Michaela Miller Hawes
Liz Cotter
Karen Neorr
Suzi McKinley
Catherine Jones
Brandi Griffiths
Katie Seaman
Amy Johnson
Nicole Harmer
Lindi Theurer
Kim Webb
Andrea Romney
Megan Tanner
Jayme Gordy Miller
Trina Morrison Hawkins

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