Saturday, July 16, 2011

USU's Sanchez Attends NCAA Career in Sports Forum

USU Soccer senior, Marissa Sanchez, was invited to attend the NCAA Career in Sports Forum held in Indianapolis in June. The forum was an opportunity for students athletes from around the country learn about different aspects of careers, specifically within intercollegiate athletics. It also helped student athletes examine their personal values and the opportunities that may have in sports. Each student-athlete developed a plan for growth and career development and will have the opportunity to network. Here is Marissa’s reflection on the NCAA forum:

"Going into the Career in Sports Forum I had the mindset of just seeing what the possibilities of Sports Administration was about; yet I was lucky to leave the Forum knowing this was the track I wanted to take as a future career for me. I learned so much from the Forum and it helped solidify my decision of pursuing a Masters in this area and making it a goal to find a career within this that I know I will love. My favorite part of the forum was hearing all the personal stories from the guest speakers and how they got to where they are now. I learned the importance of networking, volunteering, internships, and how to use my step up I have in college athletics already to my advantage. I met amazing people and learned from so many different perspectives what Sports Administration is about. There are so many different paths I can take and I'm excited to figure out the exact path I want to take in it. I already favor continuing to be part of college athletics because of the benefits it's provided me in my education and future career goals; but the other possibilities are still endless. I was lucky to be a part of the NCAA Career in Sports Forum and would recommend it to anyone who considers the path of Sports Administration as a possible career choice."

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