Sunday, December 11, 2011

Senior Reflection-Chandra Salmon Christensen

Reflecting back on my soccer career and experience here at Utah State brings so many memories to mind, both on and off the field. Though I will NEVER forget the unreal feeling of being a part of the team that took home EVERY trophy possible at the banquet (including the one at the end of the week that came with plane tickets to Alabama and the NCAA tourney!).... but shockingly most of my fondest memories aren't games or awards they really are the everyday ups and downs that I got to go through with some of my best friends, and those rough times or funny times or AWESOME times are the times that stick with me, those are the memories that are the most important to me. It is crazy that you can spend 4 years with a random bunch of girls from all different backgrounds and teams and feel like you have spent a lifetime with them, and it is because of how much we have grown together as a team, and I sincerely think that that, our team unity and camaraderie, is what directly impacted how successful we were this year!! I LOVE IT! I love all of it! Crazy fitness stories, pranks, making haunted houses, hormonal/ultra competitive practices, hilarious boy stories, eating food ALL THE TIME on trips, aqua-popping, Just Dance, Waking up at 5 for weights in the spring, Beto's greasy yet delicious burritos, TWIZZLE BERRY (double punch tues), preseason spent 50% in dorms and the other 50% in the ice bath... all of it. I feel that I wouldn't trade my soccer experience up here at USU for anything. It has been awesome, I feel so blessed and am SO grateful. Thank you. Love you all.

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