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Senior Highlight

I can't believe we are at the end of the season and at the beginning of post season! Time sure does fly by.  And there are 3 people who would most certainly agree.  We have had the honor of having these 3 seniors as part of the Utah State program for the past four years.  They are one of the winningest classes in Utah State history with a  44-23-14 record so far.  They are also part of the first class to win a WAC Tournament and advance to the NCAA Tournament.  We wanted to highlight each senior by recognizing their accomplishments, reminiscing about memories, and by asking their two other classmates about each other.

Kami Montgomery #13

      Kami Montgomery is from Orem, Utah who has seen action all four seasons that she has been an Aggie.  She is a communicative disorders and deaf education major. Off the field, Montgomery has been active as the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) president and a representative of the WAC SAAC. She has also been involved in numerous community service events across the Cache Valley.  
      She has been playing soccer since she was 8 years old. At first, she didn't really consider Utah State. Once her friend, Shantel Flanary, told her that she had committed, Kami started her communication with Coach Heather Cairns about recruiting.  She came on an unofficial visit and was sold.  She fell in love with the campus and knew it was the place for her.  She got to come up to Logan a lot during her senior year in high school and spend time with the team.  This confirmed her decision.      
     Being a senior, Kami has had some fond memories: "I loved Seattle my freshman year, we got to go to the space needle and see all sorts of neat stuff.  I also went to an aquarium (it is my dream to be a marine biologist so I loved seeing the sea animals).  We also went to the Saturdays market which was really fun.  We played University of Washington and Molli Merrill stopped a sick penalty kick!  The weekend was full of funny moments (our assistant coach Josh pulled into his parking spot really fast and popped the van tire) and it just made for a great weekend.  I also loved Portland my Sr. year because it was the first and only road trip my mom got to be there for so it was fun spending time with her and I fulfilled my dream of riding a tandem near a body of water!!! I got to go to the Saturdays market and ride the tandem around the river.  It was a blast!"
     Kami hopes people will remember her for: "I hope people will remember me for my sick dancing skills! Ha just kidding...but seriously I hope I was able to be not just a good teammate to my teammates but also a good friend.  I hope people will remember me for my love of the game and loving each moment with my teammates whether it was on or off the field."

What Ashlyn Mulford has to say: "Kam dog is my home girl ya know ha i cant dance like an animal unless i have my girl with me. Kami is one of those people that can just always make you laugh. She also someone that makes you wanna work harder and be better. Seeing her work ethic always made me want to do better, want to give it my all in every way possible."

Ashlyn Mulford #01

     Ashlyn Mulford is from Bountiful, Utah, majoring in art and waited patiently for her time to shine.  In her senior season, she has been a major part of the tough Aggie defense. She has earned WAC Goalkeeper Player of the Week a team-high five times this season.  Mulford has 7.5 shutouts this season, playing almost 1500 minutes. She is on the verge of setting the USU record for lowest goals against average with her current 0.50 GAA.  
     She started playing soccer when she was 9 years old. She really loved Utah State's campus when she came on her visit.  She loved the fact that Logan was far enough away from home but close enough that she could go home whenever she wanted to. 
     As a senior, Ashlyn has some fond memories too: "There have been a lot of really great places we have traveled. El Paso has gotta be on the top of the list fo sho haha jk. I would have to pick either Hawaii (obviously) or i also really enjoyed Seattle...but then i really liked Portland too hah. Its too hard to choose! Dang...Hawaii probably wins. The International market is so sweet. Purchased my authentic Hawaiian Uke. Got to swim with some sea turtles out in the ocean, and also got to try surfing (and no i couldn't do it). Ha. Apart from all the great places though it didn't really matter where we were. Whether it be El Paso or Hawaii it was always a blast because i got to be with like 20 of my best and closest friends. Being with my team is what made each place a great experience. We could find a way to have fun anywhere!"
      Ashlyn hopes people remember her for: " Oh you mean apart from my good looks, and charm?? I guess I want people to remember my amazing dance skills =) haha jk. I don't know really, but whatever it is i hope when they hear my name and remember me its something good and not like, ohhh yeah her...she was kinda um...weird. Ha jk I'm sure that's exactly what they will say! We'll just say hopefully its good and not bad!"

What Kami Montgomery has to say: "Ashlyn and I have this special bond...its call BFAB --> it means born from a beat box :D  We love to dance, no matter where we are, who we are with, we can always find a way to dance."

What Natalie Norris has to say: "Kami and Ashlyn. These two girls are some of the best people I have ever met. We literally have gone through so much together and they have always been there for me whether it's on or off the field. I would do anything for these two and I know they would do the same for me. I look up to both of them so much and I hope with all my heart that we stay in touch long after soccer is over."

Natalie Norris #19

      Natalie Norris is from Sandy, Utah, double majoring in nutrition, dietetics and food science as well as exercise science.  She is one of the most decorated Aggies in Utah State history. She has started in every match since coming to Utah State. Her current 82 matches played is seventh all-time at USU. She is the two-time defending WAC Defensive Player of the Year and has been named all-WAC twice. She is the anchor of the Utah State defense that has allowed only 10 goals in 18 matches this season. The senior has scored 11 career goals to go along with two assists for 24 points. In the classroom, she has excelled as well and is also a finalist for the Senior CLASS award and an academic all-American in 2011. 
     She started playing soccer when she was just 4 years old.  She chose Utah State because she loved the campus, the fact that it was far enough from home to be away but close enough that her parents could come watch, the feeling of the college town, the soccer program, and the majors they offered here.
     Natalie's memories: " Going to Hawaii, last year!! We got absolutely spoiled by the Miyashiros- their hospitality was incredible and we had so much fun together as a team! We got to spend time on the beach, shopping, swimming, and of course eating.

     Natalie hope people remember her for: "I hope to be remembered for my work ethic, my example, my heart, and being a good friend and teammate."

What Kami Montgomery has to say:"Nat keeps me level headed and grounded into reality which for me is very important. Nano is just a stinkin stud and has rightfully EARNED her spot from the get go and continues to work hard every single day (no matter how bad her legs hurt...which is STINKIN BAD)."

What Ashlyn Mulford has to say: "Nano that little smarty pants! Nano has been a baller since day 1 freshman year. It has been awesome playing with her these past 4 years. I have learned a lot from her, i know i wouldn't be the player i am today without her help. She has helped me to become better in many ways, on and off the field. Her love and passion for the game has always been inspiring to me."

In all reality, the team would not be the same without these tremendous seniors! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Lets go win that WAC Tourney and go do some Dancin in the NCAA!

Some ending thoughts....

 All three of us have been through so much together...Monday practices in the spring freshman year (yeah you guys know what I'm talking about ha). Or the practice after bear lake experience ;) haha. Good or bad we've been through it all together. I couldn't have asked for two better people to look up to these past 4 years. They really do feel like family (Kami is probably the adopted one). Ha jk. But in all seriousness I don't have a clue of what i would have done without them. love these two so much and thank them for everything that they have done for me. -Ashlyn Mulford

These two put their teammates first, they are amazing friends and have always been there not only for me but for the team....and when it comes to heart, they've got the biggest hearts of anyone I know.  These are two girls who won't settle for a loss, they will battle til the final whistle.  I love these girls with all my heart and they are two of my very best and closest friends and I really do believe that they will be lifelong friends. -Kami Montgomery

They have been examples to me in every facet of life and have influenced me more than they will ever know! Their dancing, their friendship, their sick skills on the soccer field; they legitimately have it all and they are both AMAZING girls. I love them sooooo much!!! And I cannot think of anyone else I would have rather spent my four years of college with :)"- Natalie Norris

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