Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Weekend in El Paso!

Congrats to Lauren Hansen for earning WAC Offensive Player of the Week and USU Athlete of the Week! Lauren scored three of the six goals Utah State scored over the weekend when the Aggies went undefeated in against Texas Tech and Stephen F. Austin.

El Paso...We came, we saw, we conquered!

by Chandra Salmon

Well you see, we were all under the impression that we were going to Texas...but once we got off the plane and saw the GIANT Mexican flag flying high overhead we knew almost instantly that we were very mistaken! The El Paso trip was so much fun! We did our traditional "dessert challenge" on the first day and, of course, Josh's car rose to the occasion and took the cake...literally! yumm!

We spent Saturday at the El Paso zoo, enjoying the company of all the exotic desert animals! We saw sheep, turtles, elephants, weird looking monkeys, but the Sea Lions were definitely the biggest hit in this zoo, they had a neat underground aquarium that made it almost feel like we were actually IN the tank with them!!

And finally, the main reason we went to Texas in the first place...our games! The field location was so unique; it felt like we were atop some random mountain range in the middle of the Mexican desert! There were little road runners and lizards scampering all over the place! The soccer part of the trip was such a neat experience! It's awesome to come off a road trip with 2 more games in our favor! We all worked really hard, even when things weren't going our way, and we pulled off the best possible scenario! Can’t wait to go back to Texas in 2 weeks!

Sea Lion Whisperer....future career for Stefani Shiozaki?

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