Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preseason--It's All Part of the Package!

Two-a-days, fitness, weights, ice baths, team meals, individual meetings with coaches, “Christmas in August” (equipment distribution), lots of team time, and a whole lotta soccer….none of this is new to returning players on the women’s soccer team because it’s all part of the preseason package! The last two weeks, the Aggies have spent some quality time together both on and off the field. The girls checked in on August 4th and started two-a-days on August 5th. The girls have been challenged both mentally and physically and are ready to put themselves to the real test this Friday at home vs. Northern Arizona University! As a break from training sessions, the girls did some community service by spending an afternoon with kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Logan, and this past weekend, the team went up for a retreat at Bear Lake! The team went on a short hike, then stayed at the USU Training Center where the girls got to know each other better, set some team goals both for soccer and academics, and even had enough downtime to go play some soccer on the beach! It was a great break and a great way to start the week of our first game of the season! Good luck girls!

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