Monday, September 21, 2009

"Non-Soccer" Report on Seattle!

Home Sweet Home!
by Lauren Hansen

This weekend was a really fun weekend especially getting to go back to my home state :)

On Thursday we got in and went to practice. That night we went to dinner on my choice to The Ram. The dinner was ok, but the desserts were AMAZING! I think everyone would agree on that ha ha.

Friday was game day, we played #25 ranked UW. They were a very good team, we played really hard but lost 2-0. It was a tough game but we fought through it.

Saturday was the FUN day! We got to tour Seattle all day and do what we wanted. We went to downtown Seattle and went to Pikes Place and shopped there for awhile and watched the guys throw the fish. Shio got scared real bad by the fish jumping at her, it was pretty funny, we set it up. Then we had a fun time going to the pier and walking along the water. A lot of girls went shopping and bought lots of cute clothes :) I think everyone had a blast in Seattle!!

Sunday we played Seattle U and it was definitely a disappointing loss because we did not play well at all! Not one of our best games. But we are going to get over it and we are all super excited for this Thursdays game against the Utah at Rio Tinto Stadium!

Fun Moments in sure to pause the music at the bottom of the page before viewing!

Freshmen Courtney Cawley and Jamee Dyches enjoy the kiddie rollercoaster!

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