Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre-Game Rituals

Ever wonder what players do to get themselves mentally ready for a game? Everyone has some type of personal pre-game a few of our Aggies share their personal pre-game rituals! Good luck down in Texas this weekend ladies!

Molli Merrill: I always make sure my legs are shaved. I also like to eat a cup of ice from the training room.

Allie Maduell: I listen to the same song every game day in the locker room, and before the starting whistle, some of us (from the starting 11) do a special handshake.

Lindsey Smart: Everytime before a game I always eat a turkey sandwhich and if it is a home game I like to go to Great Harvest and get my favorite sandwhich. I also always like to listen to one of my favorite old school pump up songs, Headstrong. Oh and ICY HOT is a must!!

Shantel Flanary:  My pre game ritual is pretty simple. I always put my shorts on and than my warm up top. my lefy sock on and then my right.  I usually do my hair next and after that I either sit and listen to the music or actually play a game on my phone or ipod so I dont over think the game.

Heather Pond: I usually have to shower and shave my legs before a game and straighten my hair, I have to eat some kind of candy for the game starts.

Lauren Hansen: Before every home game I have to play Soulja Boy chorus and I do that [Soulja Boy] dance to it. Shio plays it for me and then watches me do that dance to make sure I did it right, if I mess it up then I have to re-do it until it is done right.

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