Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Night at Rio Tinto!

Victorious at Rio Tinto by Stefani Shiozaki

I dont even know where to begin... Playing in the Rio Tinto Stadium for the first time ever or beating the U...I couldnt tell you which is a better feeling, but being able to do both is a moment that we live for and a memory we will forever cherish.

from the second we stepped off the bus we knew it would be one hell of a game
running on to the field hearing the fans chanting our name
knowing in our hearts we needed to put up a fight
whatever it takes to be on top at the end of the night
we never did let them find the back of the net
this is how we became the number one threat
fish, smart, allie and h owned in the mid
stopping their attack we were confident in nano and syd
summer and rach ran the flank and didnt get beat
where lo and jaymee happily found the ball at their feet
beautiful crosses sammie did send
one being a game winner putting us to a victorious end!
everyone else screamed and cheered us on ever so loud
the coaches had smiles from ear to ear never seen them so proud :)

we came together as a TEAM as ONE and we wouldnt have been able to do it without the help of every one!

Here is a slideshow of the night...more pics are coming so check back again soon!

Other Aggies' Thoughts on the Night:

Erin Salmon: September 24th a night I will never forget!! The night we beat Utah at RIO TINTO!! Being a senior this was my last chance to beat them and that is exactly what we did!! We have battled with them for years and have always had regrets and I can honestly say we all left the field that night with not one. That night at Rio Tinto made me realize that is exactly the reason I play soccer!

Natalie Norris: Playing at Rio Tinto was absolutely incredible!! I have been wanting to play there since we went on a tour of it last year and say how amazing the facilities and especially the field were. The whole experience was so exciting, with the field, the locker rooms, and of course... the game!! It was fun to see us play together as a team, and the ending result was fantastic! I just hope we keep the momentum up! Go Aggies!

Lindsey Smart: Playing in Rio Tinto was such an Amazing experience, and beating Utah there will be one that I will never forget. Walking into the empty stadium before the game, butterflies came to my stomach and I got nervous, but once the game started my nerves went away! I have always wanted to beat them, so I couldn't have asked for a better game for my last soccer career match against Utah! Go Aggies!!

Molli Merrill: It really was just a surreal experience. Definitely one of the greatest opportunities i've had and one of the best wins I've ever been a part of.

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