Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bitter-Sweet Weekend in Hawaii

Alohaaaaaaa! by Courtney Cawley

The team began the lovely trip to Hawaii with a 6 hour plane ride. Yes, this does sound terrible, however, on the flight we had a variety of movies to choose from and I had Sammie next to me laughing the whole time during The Hangover, so that kept me entertained as well. Oh and how could I forget Marla's delicious bags of goodies she made for each one of us (which was consumed within 2.5 seconds). So after many movies were watched and tons of food was eaten, we landed in the wonderful state of Hawaii. Yes people were excited, but I think I may have over reacted only because I've never been there before. Besides the smell of fish along the way, my first thought of Hawaii was HALLELUJAH, I love this place since there wasn't any snow, and the weather was above 45 degrees (unlike Logan).
After we finished checking into the rooms, we went on a lovely jog. Two words, HOLY HUMIDITY. After the jog that that made us look like we jumped into a pool, we went and ate at Outback. After consuming 65847 calories (personally) we got to walk around for a little bit and I was able to see the beach, which actually has clear water.
The next morning was quite funny actually. Since the time change was so different and we slept for so long, almost everyone was pretty hungry when they woke up. On the way down to breakfast I said to Sammie, "Oh my gosh I don't even really like breakfast food, but I can't wait to eat. I am so hungry". So as we all gather down in the lobby, Josh tells us that we'll just be eating the continental breakfast over at IHOP, which was a little upsetting since the IHOP menu look so good, but I think we were just excited to eat food. And when you think continental breakfast you usually think cereal, eggs, muffins, fruit, bread, etc. So as we go over to breakfast and enter in the room to our surprise we see our breakfast.... Apples, mangos, and danishes. Our hopes of a BIG breakfast had gone out the window. So after eating 10 apples and 4 danishes (whatever made everyone full) we went to practice.
After practice we went and got smoothies and then went back to the hotel where we were free to do what we wanted. Of course everyone wanted to go shopping and go to the beach. So Jamee, Marissa, Mollie and myself all went to the beach, however, on the way there we had to do some shopping of course. Jamee wanted to go into unrealistic stores such as Chanel and Gucci while the rest of us decided to stay within our price range and go to the International Market. The workers there pounce on you like prey. If you take one look in their direction at what they are selling, they will come up to you and ask you what you'd like to buy. I wasn't use to this and felt bad saying no, so I pretty much ended up buying all of Hawaii ( according to sammie). After spending some money, we finally went to the beach hoping to maybe get rid of our cute soccer tans. It didn't work out so well, but the beach was very very, very nice. After the beach we decided to get henna tattoos on the way back to the hotel. Which everyone's turned out great, except for mine. Mine is translucent pretty much, and Mollie's is struggling a little bit due to Jamee grabbing her wrist (where she got the tattoo) right after she got it. Then when everyone got back to the Hotel we went to a Japanese Steak house where they make the dinner right in front of you. DELICIOUS. So much food was consumed and it was a lot of fun watching them make the dinner in front of you while doing some crazy stuff with the knives and food. Since Shio's birthday was the next week, she got a cake brought out to her at dinner and we all sang her HAPPPYYYY BIIIRTTHHHHDAYYYYY. Once dinner was over we all went back to the hotel and went to sleep. While Shio and others passed out left over cake to homeless people on the street (such a good idea).
The next morning was not only GAMEDAY, but we got to eat at IHOP! Hooorrayyy! Those that were going to church got up a earlier and went and ate then we went to the prettiest church I have ever seen in my entire life. Everyone was very nice there and we even met some people that had gone to Utah State before. When the team gathered back together, we backed up and went to a Swap Meet at the stadium. At the swap meet they had different vendors with a variety of stuff that was sooo cheap. Which is always a plus(: After the swap meet, we went and ate at Chilis for a pregame lunch and then headed to the fields. In the locker room, we were greeted with cockroaches and other bugs. Once everyone flixed there had about twenty times and we listened to the pregame music we were ready to beat the Wahinies. To our disappointment, we lost the game 3-1. Finally, once everyone showered we got in the car and headed to airport to take a red eye back to cold cold cold Logan. Adios Hawaii ( wait that was spanish).

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