Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good to be Home

It felt good to be back home after spending nine of our last ten games on the road! This weekend was an exciting one for the Aggies! The Aggies are now 3-1-1 in conference, 8-7-2 overall, putting them third in conference standings underneath San Jose State and New Mexico State. On Friday, Lauren Hansen scored the winning goal to give the Aggies a win over Fresno State. On Sunday, Shantel Flanary scored within the last four minutes of the game to bring the game to a 1-1 tie with San Jose State! Next weekend, the Aggies travel to Hawaii (such a bummer) to take on University of Hawaii!

On a side note, Aggie Women's Basketball teamed up with Aggie Soccer for a fun tailgate before the football game. There was food from Pounders and Chilis, as well as two pinatas filled with candy! The girls had a good time and the two teams made formal introductions so they could get to know each other. After the tailgate, the girls went to the football game, where Utah State lost to Nevada 35-32. :(

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